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Gameday Programs

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Gameday programs are essential for any sporting event with inserts for team rosters and other individual event information.

Gameday programs can become souvenirs to keep the memories alive that athletes made families and fans proud and will treasure for years to come.

Suggested inclusions in gameday programs:

  • Pictures and roster of individual players, team pictures of varsity, junior varsity and cheerleaders.
  • A picture of the coaches and a letter from the coach.
  • Information, records, statistics, schedule, advertising, action pictures, previous scores, thank you page, meet the senior’s page, rules for the game and an autograph page could be included, etc.

Gameday programs can make money for your school:

A huge part of this is the advertising that is associated with gameday programs. Not only are you creating an booklet that is informative, you become a prime source of ad space that sponsors are going to want to take advantage of:

  • Sponsors page
    • Different size advertising pages (full page, half page, quarter page or business card size page, 8 up on individual page)
    • Players can be sponsored by family, friends, business, etc.
  • Sell programs at the game or event to make additional profit.

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