Postcard Best Practices

Postcard Best Practices

Postcards offer a quick, affordable way to create smart, condensed marketing campaigns. With a little innovation, they can break through the clutter and deliver direct-marketing messages to your audience instantaneously.

1. Drive brand awareness. Make sure your postcards briefly speak to all the ways your business is relevant to your customers.
2. Drive traffic to your Web site. Announce new features, products or services on your website.
3. Advertise promotions. Inform your customers of your latest offer or monthly specials. With a little creativity, businesses can use postcards to bring in more business during slow times, such as seasonal specials.
4. Show appreciation. Thank customers for their purchases and encourage a second purchase. Consider adding a promotion code to spur an upcoming purchase. 
5. Follow up after an event. Use postcards to follow up with leads. If you’ve collected the names and addresses of participants, follow up with a reason to engage in your brand.
6. Develop loyalty. Send your customers a personalized postcard to let them know they're due to reorder or return for another service. If you include an offer of some kind, they're more likely to reward your company with their continued business.
7. Generate more business. Advertise to prospects or existing customers, especially in down times. Consider sending out personalized postcards that feature products similar to those previously purchased, and add an offer.
8. Become social. Send your Twitter followers, LinkedIn colleagues and Facebook fans a nondigital surprise. LinkedIn contacts are perfect for this type of outreach, but don't forget to try to mine your Twitter followers or even those who have “liked” your organization on Facebook. If your company is just getting into social media, send a postcard to customers or supporters to let them know how they can find you in the social media universe.

Postcard marketing is an effective way to bring in more leads because with the right strategy it still generates a great response.

  • It’s easier to read a postcard at a glance than to open an envelope
  • Postcards are less intrusive than e-mail, and these days have less competition
  • Unlike e-mail, postcards can take on any size, color, gloss or graphic

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