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Even before we began printing in 1995, our team knew we wanted a cooperative work environment for ourselves and our employees. We knew work requires management and accountability, but we wanted that to be self-generating and a shared responsibility. We are committed to serving our community by creating a place of employment that pays living wages and provides tangible benefits that are important to everyone–vacation, sick days, annual leave and pay raises. Just as important, we wanted to keep joy and a feeling of family in our workspace. 


The more we discussed what our wants were, the more I thought back to my younger days as a union worker. They weren’t my best days. They were a mixed bag of union brotherhood, and stark in your-face-racism. African Americans overall have not had the best experiences with labor unions. Many unions remained closed to people that looked like us for much of the last century. At the same time, I knew and believed in the potential and possibility of labor and unions as structures for equity and cooperation. Thinking of unions and the power they have for changing society connected us to something larger than our new printing venture. Unionizing our family business would use existing models of equitable pay and work relationships. At the same time, we could align ourselves with millions of workers who shared our wants and aspirations. Understanding the benefits, we began exploring options and agreed to form a union. 


It took about two years to get the printing company up and running.


A significant challenge was pivoting from being a book publisher that purchased printing services, to a book publisher that prints books for other publishers. As soon as we had the chance, we organized ourselves as a Teamsters affiliate initially, and then as a union. When we were then presented with the opportunity, we moved over to the Communication Workers of America–where we are today. 


We are proud members of Columbia Typographical Union No. 101-12, one of the oldest unions in the country.


We work with unions and customers locally and nationally to deliver union printing. If you need a union print product, call us. We can work with you. Our short run printing capabilities make us a great choice for small and medium-size political campaigns. At the same time, we partner with other union printers on large jobs outside of our in-shop capabilities. So, even though sign printing is not one of our core in-house products, we can get your sign job done seamlessly by working with one of our union resource partners.


Paul Coates, Owner



Some of the products we produce in-house and through our union partner shops are:

Contract books, commemorative programs, souvenirs and text books

Sample ballots, Palm Cards

Banners, Corrugated Signs and Posters





BCP Digital Printing (DBA) A Good Day to Print is a proud member of the Printing, Publishing & Media Workers Sector of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), Columbia Typographical Union No. 101-12 Local, organized in 1815!
Our Allied Printing Trades Council Washington Union Label is Number 27.